UFC on FOX 26 Predictions Writeup and Podcast

UFC on FOX 26 Predictions

Sit down and listen up to pro gambler Luca Fury’s UFC on FOX 26 predictions podcast for his breakdown of the main event. Luca gives his trademark in-depth analysis and shares his official Lawler vs dos Anjos predictions for the main event.

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Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast: UFC on FOX 26 Predictions

Sporting an industry leading documented ~70% pick accuracy, Luca’s insight provides useful information to fans, fantasy players and gamblers alike. So sit down and listen up to the proven best UFC predictions and breakdowns in the business on the Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast!

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Lawler vs dos Anjos Preview Writeup


Today, I want to break down the main event of UFC on Fox 26, also known as UFC Fight NIght Winnipeg. This fight pits Robbie Lawler against Rafael dos Anjos, and I assume whoever comes out on top will receive a UFC title shot for the welterweight division. However, there are several other contenders in the mix that are worth watching.

Nevertheless, this is bound to be a great fight. I am excited to watch it unfold, as there have even been some fireworks prior to the fight. It is an excellent card through and through, so I really recommend you check it out.

As for the records, we have Lawler with 28 wins and 11 losses. Meanwhile, dos Anjos has 27 wins and nine losses.

As for the betting odds, this fight is pretty much a dead-even pick ’em, though dos Anjos may be becoming a slight favorite at minus 115. However, Lawler had opened up at the favorite at minus 160, but the line has obviously shifted over the past few weeks.

My main concern for Lawler, not just in this fight but in any fight going forward, is the amount of damage he has taken over the years. Yes, he is getting up there in age, but his previous experience and beatings have seriously worn him down. Because of this, a lot of his recent fights have been near coin flips, where Lawler either squeaks out the win or is undeniably taken down.

In this fight, his physical state may not be too much of a concern, as dos Anjos is not exactly a one-hitter quitter. However, he should be careful in his fights moving forward.

In the case of dos Anjos, I am not sure if it was the wisest decision for him to move to 170. I know he was having a hard time cutting to 155, and he has struggled in so many fights against opponents who were just bad style matchups, but that does not mean he could not have improved. He definitely could have had room to grow in the 155 bracket. However, he decided to move up to the next weight category instead, and I do not know that he will be able to pull it off.

You see, dos Anjos is not a big 170. In fact, his frame is actually rather small. Beside that point, I do not know that he is a good stylistic match for this weight division. I just think this transition is going to be a tough one for him to make.

Ultimately, I will be slightly favoring Lawler in this matchup. I believe he will be able to keep this fight on the feet, he has truly elite takedown defense these days, and I do not think dos Anjos will be able to pressure him into a corner like he does his other opponents. However, it may end up being a closer fight than I had anticipated. We will just have to wait and see.

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