UFC Fight Night 122 Predictions Writeup and Podcast

UFC Fight Night 122 Predictions

Sit down and listen up to pro gambler Luca Fury’s UFC Fight Night 122 predictions podcast for his breakdown of the main event. Luca gives his trademark in-depth analysis and shares his official Bisping vs Gastelum predictions for the UFC Fight Night Shanghai main event.

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Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast: UFC Fight Night 122 Predictions

Sporting an industry leading documented ~70% pick accuracy, Luca’s insight provides useful information to fans, fantasy players and gamblers alike. So sit down and listen up to the proven best UFC predictions and breakdowns in the business on the Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast!

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Bisping vs Gastelum Preview Writeup

Today, I want to break down the UFC Fight Night 122 main event, which features Michael Bisping and Kelvin Gastelum. As we know, Bisping has taken on this fight on very short notice, as he just lost his UFC middleweight title to George St-Pierre a few weeks ago.

Regardless, it is so good that he stepped in to save this main event because, without it, this card would not have all that much to offer in terms of name value or star power. However, I do have some questions about how this fight will turn out for him, and whether or not this kind of quick turnaround is really healthy for him.

As for the records, we have Bisping with 30 wins and eight losses. Meanwhile, Gastelum is entering the fight with 13 wins and three losses.

As for the betting odds, Gastelum is definitely the favorite at minus 300. The comeback on Bisping is plus 250.

To launch into the concerns I have for Bisping after his last fight, he was essentially knocked out, although the fight was technically ended by a submission ruling. But that is not what I am talking about.

Bisping was rocked by a jab in the first round, a wheel kick, knocked down later by a left hook, and took some big elbows on the ground before being choked out of the match. It was an ugly match that definitely left him with a concussion. Having him fight just three weeks later really seems irresponsible, even though he cleared his medicals and whatnot. It just does not seem right.

Meanwhile, Gastelum has a much better chin and much better knockout power. I believe he should be able to stay within a similar level of volume as Bisping, and that he may have the leg up when it comes to actually hurting his opponent — and not just because of Bisping’s current state of health.

Bisping’s track record shows that, every time he gets injured before and during a match, he immediately becomes more cautious. Granted, that is not a bad thing, but it seriously affects the volume of his punches. Additionally, he seems to focus his efforts on dodging his opponent’s hits rather than making his own, just to be sure he does not get hurt again.

All in all, I feel it is safe to say that I am going to favor Gastelum in this match. The odds are just stacked too heavily against Bisping for me to believe he will not get hurt, rocked, or technically knocked out and win the fight.

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