UFC Fight Night 121 Predictions Writeup and Podcast

UFC Fight Night 121 Predictions

Sit down and listen up to pro gambler Luca Fury’s UFC Fight Night 121 predictions podcast for his breakdown of the main event. Luca gives his trademark in-depth analysis and shares his official Werdum vs Tybura predictions for the UFC Fight Night Sydney main event.

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Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast: UFC Fight Night 121 Predictions

Sporting an industry leading documented ~70% pick accuracy, Luca’s insight provides useful information to fans, fantasy players and gamblers alike. So sit down and listen up to the proven best UFC predictions and breakdowns in the business on the Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast!

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Werdum vs Tybura Preview Writeup

Today, I want to break down the UFC Fight Night 121 main event, which features Fabricio Werdum and Marcin Tybura. It is a thing. It is a fight. It is at the top of a card. So it is the main event. But, wow, it is not a good main event to say the least.

This card actually has some good fights on it — some prospects, some meaningful fights, some up-and-comers that you should definitely be watching… But this particular matchup — along with the fight just below it — does not fall under any of those categories.

However, as per usual, I will be breaking down the main event. So let us just dive right into my analysis and prediction.

As for the fighter’s records, we have Werdum with 22 wins and seven losses. Meanwhile, Tybura has 16 wins and two losses under his belt.

As for the betting odds, Werdum is a solid favorite, as he is sitting at minus 360. Tybura is at plus 300.

The fact that Werdum is that much of a favorite against anybody is enough to make me feel concerned, to be honest. I do not like his fighting style, I do not like that he is primarily a grappler. He has absolutely no wrestling game and, while he may have improved his striking game dramatically, he still does not have good defense or power on the feet. He gets knocked down a lot, especially as of late, and I am just not thrilled by his overall performance.

That being said, his opponent, Tybura… Some people think of him as a good heavyweight prospect, but it is just one of those cases where heavyweight is so bad that anybody who does not look like absolute garbage is considered to be a good prospect.

Truthfully, I do not see anything special about Tybura’s game. He is average at best, he is not horrible, and he is not super out of shape or anything — but he is certainly not fast or extremely athletic either.

In terms of Tybura’s skillset, there is not much that stands out about him. He has some okay boxing skills, his wrestling is serviceable, he can get takedowns and hold you down, but he is not a dominating threat by any means.

With all that being said and taken into consideration, I feel that Werdum should be able to win this fight. He is more experienced, in spite of any regression he may have seen due to his age, and the numbers look genuinely promising for him. However, from a betting perspective, this fight is an absolute pass.

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