UFC Fight Night 120 Predictions Writeup and Podcast

UFC Fight Night Norfolk Predictions

Sit down and listen up to pro gambler Luca Fury’s UFC Fight Night Norfolk predictions podcast for his breakdown of the main event. Luca gives his trademark in-depth analysis and shares his official Poirier vs Pettis predictions.

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Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast: UFC Fight Night Norfolk Predictions

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Poirier vs Pettis Preview Writeup

Today, I want to break down the main event of the upcoming UFC Fight Night 120, which pits Dustin Poirier against Anthony Pettis.

Truthfully, I think this is going to be a pretty fun fight. The card overall is relatively solid, in spite of its lacking name value. However, there are some recognizable fighters on the card, but it is definitely not one that screams star power. Plus, this card may fly a little under the radar, especially as the excitement of UFC 217 is still dying down.

Starting with the records, we have Poirier with 21 wins and five losses. Meanwhile, Pettis is sitting at 20 wins and six losses.

As for the betting odds, they are pretty much dead even, with Pettis at a minus 120 favorite and Poirier at around plus 105 to plus 110, depending on the book. The line did open a little bit higher for Pettis — probably around minus 140 — but after a little movement, things seem to have balanced out.

With that being said, though, I am not surprised by the movement in the betting odds. This is a rather tricky fight to call, even from a prediction or betting standpoint.

This is likely because many viewers and fans are trying to float this idea that Pettis is back — like there is an old Pettis and this new, improved Pettis who has totally transformed after coming off of a losing streak.

In reality, Pettis is the same fighter now that he pretty much has always been. I think he was the same fighter on his losing streak as he was when he was on the winning streak that led him to winning and defending the UFC title.

Meanwhile, Poirier is definitely stronger when it comes to takedown strikes. I feel as though he will be making a lot of those moves, though I am not sure of how successful he will be with them.

Although Poirier is a good grappler, Pettis is a good defensive guard and can garner submissions. Because of that, I really do not foresee Poirier getting a takedown, as I think this fight will really be decided on the feet.

Overall, though, I think Poirier is a crisper boxer with a greater range. He may even be a bit stronger than Pettis, but that is obviously because Poirier used to fight at 145. Meanwhile, Pettis attempted to fight at this weight and, although he was technically successful in one match, he looked terrible.

Despite all of that, I do feel that Pettis can get the job done. This is not a confident pick by any means, as I have alluded to throughout this breakdown, but I do believe this is a very winnable fight for Pettis if he is on top of his game.

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