The MMA OddsCast has Evolved into the Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast!

The MMA OddsCast with Luca Fury (hey, that’s me!) had a good, long run as the number one most popular MMA betting podcast on the internet. While that sounds like a nice marketing tagline, it’s actually the truth. No other MMA betting podcast came close to The MMA OddsCast’s listener numbers, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve the product. Enter the Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast!

I’ve decided to tweak the podcast in a fe small ways while keeping its core intact. With these changes comes a new name and logo but, rest assured, the new podcast will still be centered around the in-depth fight predictions that you know and love. Think of this as upgrading your car to the new year’s model, rather than getting a whole new car altogether.

Debuting early this upcoming week for UFC Fight Night 83, the Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast will still appear in the exact same places The MMA OddsCast did, so you don’t have to do anything on your end to access the new podcast. Whether you listen here on Fury’s Fight Picks, subscribe on iTunes (a 5 star podcast rating is always appreciated), or watch on YouTube (don’t forget to hit subscribe), you’ll find the new episodes of the Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast in the same sections, feeds and playlists.

I have always expressed that I want your feedback and will tweak the podcast accordingly, and this is a firm example of that. All of these changes and improvements are based on listener feedback. So, it should go without saying, that any feedback going forward is still desired and I will still look to make changes based upon it.


Hopefully you appreciate the new Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast and its improvements. Either way, I would love to hear your feedback. You can email me anytime at [email protected] or contact me on social media through Twitter (@FurysFightPicks) or Facebook (/FurysFightPicks). Be on the look out for the debut episode in the coming days.