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Sign Up Instructions – Fury’s Fight Picks Premium

How to sign up for Fury's Fight Picks premium mma betting picks

Simple step-by-step instructions for how to sign up for the Fury's Fight Picks Premium betting service.

1: Log into your free Fury’s Fight Picks account. Or, if you don’t have one, you can create one once you get to the Premium checkout page.

2: Head to the Fury’s Fight Picks Premium Betting Store and find a Premium package that suits your interests, then add it to your card.

3:  Hit the “Proceed to Checkout” button, then on the next page choose your payment option.

3:  The “Debit or Credit Card” option allows you to pay simply by entering your card info into a secure payment gateway via Stripe. The “PayPal” option requires a PayPal account and has you log into said account through a secure PayPal gateway.

5: After your purchase is completed, your payment will be processed instantly by whichever option you chose and you’ll be redirected back here to Fury’s Fight Picks with your free account now upgraded to a Premium account. You’re automatically receive instant access to premium bets.

6: Go to the Current Premium Bets page to view Luca Fury’s premium MMA bet page. There, you’ll find all posted premium bets, along with other info such as notes, time stamps and more.

As a bonus, you’ll also automatically receive email alerts when any new bets are posted during the time of your active subscription to make sure you never miss a play. Make sure to check your spam folder if you’re not seeing the email alerts. And once your service expires, you are automatically removed, so there is no work required on your end!


If there is some error with the signup process and you’re not able to access the Premium bet page, please email Luca [at] FurysFightPicks [dot] com. Make sure to include your PayPal email address and FFP username if you have one. You’ll always receive a reply within 24 hours but usually response time is very quick.

You can also send any other questions, comments or concerns about the service to that email address as well.

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Interested in signing up for a Fury’s Fight Picks Premium bet membership? A simplified version of the Premium bet package store is embedded below. Click a package to view more info about it in the store, or click “Add to Cart” to head directly to the checkout.

More info about this week’s bets can be found here.


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Luca Fury was heavily involved in the betting game for multiple years before eventually turning into a full time professional sports bettor at the age of 22. Several years later, Luca’s dedication and experience is the reason he has the longest running and most profitable MMA betting tips record in the industry. Betting professionally and running Fury’s Fight Picks are Luca’s only jobs, which means he is able to commit all of his time and resources to producing winning betting tips. Whether you’re looking for proper MMA betting advice, or want to tail winning UFC bets without doing any of the work yourself, Luca Fury and Fury’s Fight Picks are the proven number one source.

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