$99.95 for 1 week

Access to all of Luca Fury’s proven longterm winning MMA bets for one calendar week.

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Access to all of Luca Fury’s Premium MMA and UFC betting picks for the next fight week. If there are multiple events from Monday until Sunday of the same fight week, all events are included.

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While the title says “This Week’s Event(s)” the membership does not necessarily last for exactly 7 days.

Example 1: If there is no event this week, the membership will automatically be extended beyond 7 days to cover the full next fight week. So you do not have to wait to sign up until the next event is less than 7 days away.

Example 2: If you sign up when there are multiple events in the same fight week, such as one Wednesday and another a few days later on Sunday, the membership will cover both events and expire after the one on Sunday.

Example 3: If you sign up the day of the only event in a fight week, the membership will expire following that day. It will not cover any events that take place the following fight week, even if they are less than 7 days away.