Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Predictions Writeup and Podcast

Mayweather vs McGregor Predictions

The long-rumored super fight between all-time great boxer Floyd Mayweather and current UFC champion Conor McGregor is finally happening on August 26, 2017. Mayweather will step into the boxing ring one final time, as McGregor does so for the first, in what will be the biggest combat sports bout in history.

Floyd enters with advantages in pro boxing experience, fundamentals and technique. Meanwhile. Conor has the edges in intangibles such as chin, power and youth.

Who will reign supreme in “The Money Fight” and why? Pro gambler Luca shares his trademark in-depth analysis as well as an official Mayweather vs McGregor prediction! Read on for a written breakdown or scroll further down the page for an even more in-depth audio version on the Fury’s Fight Picks Podcast.

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Written Mayweather vs McGregor Breakdown

First I want to talk about how this fight came to be — as it faced many hurdles and even seemed like an impossibility for the longest time — followed by what I think of the fight as a spectacle, then finally my in-depth analysis and prediction.

At the time this fight was announced, it was not a surprise. In fact, it seemed more like an inevitability. However, before the UFC was sold to new management, the previous owners were adamantly against the fight. The management team even told Conor McGregor to stop trying to push for the match-up publicly because they were never going to let it happen.

Now that the new owners have taken the reins, they are far more open to considering — and even permitting — once-forbidden fights like the Mayweather vs. McGregor match. However, some may say that this is because these new owners are in a considerable amount of debt, as they bought the company for $4.2 billion, and now need to generate more revenue. But I digress.

As for my thoughts on the fight in general — especially regarding what it means to the sport and the spectacle of it — I think it is actually really cool that we are getting the opportunity to watch a fight that is, basically, the first of its kind. Granted, we had Ali vs. Inoki back in the day, but that fight was set with nonsensical rules and was viewed as more of a joke match-up.

This fight, on the other hand, is allowing audiences to see a legitimate boxing match between an elite boxer and an elite MMA fighter. Plus, there will be plenty of tension between these two athletes, as they are both excellent trash talkers.

As for the fight itself, though, I am not expecting much. I do not think it will be very good, but that it will be very one-sided — with the odds leaning in Floyd Mayweather’s favor. However, in spite of the crazy theories I’ve heard — such as Floyd knocking Conor out in the first round — I do not think it will be a short fight. These so-called predictions are just a result of the mainstream media, which does not usually follow these sorts of sporting events, putting in their two cents.

The last time Floyd Mayweather knocked somebody out was seven years ago, and Conor McGregor has an iron chin — he has never been knocked out in his career. This just goes to show that the mainstream media does not know what it’s talking about when it comes to MMA.

But going back to my predictions for the match, I do not believe it is going to be the thrilling fight that everybody is claiming it will be. Instead, it will likely turn out the same way Mayweather’s previous fights have — fans get hyped up, then about halfway through the match they can tell where the fight is going and their anticipation and excitement dissipates.

So, unless there is some sort of fluke punch which grants McGregor the opportunity to prove his worth and knock Mayweather out early in the match, this fight is going to be a snoozer.

Now, to get into the actual physical specifications of the match, we have Mayweather, whose pro boxing record is 49-0, and McGregor, who has a 21-3 MMA fight record. McGregor stands at 5’9” while Mayweather is one inch shorter at 5’8”.

Mayweather has a slight disadvantage against McGregor, as his reach is approximately 72 inches and McGregor’s is 74 inches. Although this fight is a light middleweight category — a category McGregor excels in fighting in — the odds still teeter into Mayweather’s favor, as McGregor still seems to strain himself in this lower weight class fights and his technique is average at best.

McGregor just gasses out early on in his matches, since he does not have great cardio technique and seems to gun for the knockout early on, rather than pacing himself and trying to strategically conquer his opponent.

So, to wrap it up, while it is a possibility that McGregor could land a fluke punch and knock Mayweather out straight out the gate — or vice versa — these scenarios are highly unlikely. My interest is not necessarily who will win the fight, but how Mayweather will win the fight and retire with an undefeated record.

Will Mayweather will be walking away with a very clear path? Or will he end up TKOing a very gassed out McGregor late in the fight? There is only one way to find out. Tune in to the Mayweather vs. McGregor match on August 26 at 9pm EST.

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