Luca Fury’s Betting Track Record

Third-Party Tracked and Verified

In addition to the lifetime betting records below — which date back to January 1, 2013 — Luca Fury’s bets have been third-party tracked and verified on the most popular MMA bet tracking website,, since the latter portion of 2015. Luca is massively profitable both before and since third-party tracking, so there can be no doubt regarding the validity of his betting success. You can view his third-party tracked and verified betting record for the last three years (3-0) on his profile page on their site, or you can keep reading here for his full lifetime results below, which currently span five years (5-0).

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Lifetime Betting Results

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By The Odds

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Premium Member Profit Stats

True Member Profit So Far: +$22,239.30 (after life-to-date membership fees)

Using the industry standard metric of a $100 bettor, that’s how much you would have currently made tailing Fury’s bets. And yes, that’s after subtracting the life-to-date membership cost.

Equation: Units x $100 – Life-to-date Diamond membership cost = True Profit

Currently: +282.09 units x $100 – $5,969.70 = $22,239.30

Minimum Unit Amount for a Member to Profit: $21.38

You’d only have to bet that amount per prediction in order to make back the membership fee and profit after it. That small amount fits anyone’s budget! The service literally pays for itself as long as you bet that amount or more per play longterm.

Equation: Life-to-date Diamond membership cost / Units + $0.01 = Minimum unit

Currently: $5,969.70 / +282.09 units + $0.01 = $21.17

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