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All of the following reviews were submitted by real Fury’s Fight Picks Premium members.

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“What’s not to like about the Fury’s Fight Picks’s Premium Service? First of all, you will profit long term, which is the single most important reason to sign up. Other betting services might “win big” sometimes but their long term performance is in the red, or worse: they don’t have long term performance because they’re new.

Other reasons why I am very happy with FFP are: Tailing the bets is an easy process and bets are available at most books. Bets are given before the event, so there’s no “live” plays chasing loses during the event. The units risked per bet are consistent and not crazy high (like other services) which allows you to have good control over your bankroll. If you ever have any questions or concerns, Luca gets back to you in a timely manner. And from personal experience, customer service is top notch, if there is any mistake in a transaction, Luca will make it right for you. You just don’t see that very often.”

-Alberto, Canada

“I have been apart of the mixed martial arts industry for over a decade. As a professional I have been around all aspects of the game. There is no one in my opinion who works as hard as Luca does with the picks, podcasts and more importantly customer service. Communication with a handicapper is very important this is where Luca stands alone. On time always and doesn’t miss a beat getting back to with you with your questions and advice to follow. Highly recommend Luca and his service.”

-Jason, United States

“The results speak for themselves. The guy is the GOAT of mma betting in my opinion. Just listen to his podcasts and you will quickly realize that the man is legit. His overall knowledge and breakdowns are phenomenal. He is relentless with his research and the results certainly back that up. His website is packed with all the necessary data. The premium plays are posted well in advance of fight time so there’s no rushing around last minute trying to place the bets. He beats the line movement nearly every time too so you get even better value! He is great to deal with and always takes the time to answer my questions. Sign up, stay disciplined and stick to his plays and unit size and you will humiliate the bookmakers in no time! I thoroughly recommend the service.”

-Gordan, United Kingdom

“Fury’s Fight Picks has honestly made my love for MMA grow so much in the last few months. Not only has he increased my knowledge for this sport but he has also increased the money in my bank account. With a 750% return on what I started with in only a few months, you cannot deny the fact that he is the leading capper in this industry. I am definitely a super happy customer.”

-Aaron, Australia

“I have been signed up for the premium services for 4 months and have seen my original bet grow to almost 4 times my original investment.  Luca works very hard at providing an in depth podcast, good value bets and a solid return on investment. His customer service is top notch; as a new better, he helped walk me through how to place a bet and has been excellent at returning any emails or tweets that I send him. I will continue to be a loyal member for many years to come.”

-Freeman, Canada

“I’ve been following Luca’s bets for almost 2 years and couldn’t be happier with the results. As with any handicapper or tout, I was skeptical in the beginning if his bets truly did win long term. I started out by tailing his bets cautiously but it didn’t take long to realize he lives up to all the claims he’s made. Luca really is the best MMA handicapper out there and if you follow his plays, you will win. On top of that, his analysis and breakdowns of each fight are the best around, offering detailed insight into each fighters skills and ways to win the fight. I’d be willing to pay for the breakdowns alone but those are free. Instead all I have to pay for are his bets, which make back the fees right away with consistent winnings. It’s a great deal since I can make loads of money without putting in the work myself. Sign up for his service, you won’t regret it.”

-James, Ireland

“What is great about Luca’s picks is that he gives you the best bets even if that means having only 2 bets riding on an event.  He will not give out picks just to give out picks, he studies and finds the best value and ONLY when he finds a great value will he give out that pick.  I started with a $1,000 bankroll betting 10% per bet.  In 6 months my bank roll has hit $3,650.  I am now betting $360 per fight and I am sure if I keep this up I can reach $10,000 by June!”

-John, South Korea

“Luca has the fundamentals down for betting, even in losses he was right in the fundamental argumentations behind the bet. In other words: close calls, never completely off. Furthermore, he finds value in betting lines that he thinks should be at much worse odds, and avoids clear favorites if the return does not justify the risk. His discipline is great in not betting doubters. If he doubts, he does not bet it as money lost is much harder to recover than money kept in pocket for the next opportunity. His support and service in answering questions and explanations is 5-stars, period. I have had a 3 month subscription, and renewed for a full year subscription.”

-Ali, Netherlands

“No doubt, a leading expert in MMA. So knowledgeable about so many of the fighters. Dedicates an insane amount of time to research and analysis to provide the best picks possible. And he has been MONEY!!! He’s definitely the only source I trust when it comes to MMA betting.”

-Ben, United States

“If you are interested in a good investment Fury is the number 1 person I recommend going to, his fight picks are always honest and always broken down in every aspect possible. His premium services are definitely a great investment I’ve made.”

-Rory, Australia

“I would listen to MMA podcasts and would go by their fight picks and would still get poor results. I heard of FFP through some podcast that I can’t recall a few years back and decided to sign up with the betting service. First it was for a week and at times it was for a month. After seeing consistent results of successful picks I realized that the smartest move I could make was to buy a yearly membership, make his bets, and then maybe spend a couple of units on my ridiculous bets which at times I hit and others I miss.

Luca has increased my bankroll and my dollar per unit went from $40 up to $120, so I am thankful for how he’s been able to have such a sustainable winning record. If anyone out there knows of another professional capper that is successful in the NFL, NHL or NBA please let me know right away because I don’t think there’s anybody with such a high success rate as Luca. I will continue to buy the yearly membership and if he came out with a decade membership I would sign up for that as well. Either way this is my second year and the only regret I have is not signing up sooner. Solid investment.”

-Cristian, United States

“Luca Fury’s fight pick service is like a cheat code for the gambling game.  My only regret is I didn’t sign up sooner.  Learn from my mistake- don’t wait, sign up now.”

-Mike, United Kingdom

“I could not be happier with the results from my FurysFightPicks premium membership. Luca only charges a small fee per event, which is amongst the cheapest out there, and his results are nothing short of spectacular. Luca provides detailed explanations and breakdowns of all his bets, as well as every fight on every UFC card. I am still a betting novice and Luca has taken the time to answer all of my questions & explain things in detail. He is never too busy or blows me off. This easy access to Luca’s incredible betting knowledge has saved me a lot of money & allowed me to learn valuable lessons while still making a great profit. I have made a substantial profit from Luca’s bets and I am sure his great results will continue. There is no excuse to not to sign up & start making money for yourself.”

-Mike, United States

“Luca is an ultra sharp MMA handicapper who offers strong opinions. He also gives comprehensive and rational reasoning on why he likes his selections. Most importantly, he explains the odds range on the number you should lay on the selection. 5 Star service from a 5 star guy.”

-Jerry, United States

“Signing up for Luca Fury’s premium picks was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Think of it like an investment. You pay a little bit of money to make a lot of money in return. And just in case you don’t make any money on his plays he offers a money back guarantee. I haven’t had a need for that though, since I signed up in June of [2013] and haven’t had a losing package since. Even when Luca has a losing event there is always a big winning one right after so I know when there is a rare loss that I will just get it all back and more. Overall I’m a very satisfied subscriber.”

-Keith, United Kingdom

“Since following Luca in 2012, my results have improved dramatically. Luca provides a thorough breakdown of each fight and a strong rationale behind each of his picks. His analysis of UFC rookies and foreign prospects is outstanding. You can be confident in his ability to find the best plays on any given card.”

-Jeff, United States

“I probably shouldn’t post this because I don’t want my lines to move anymore ;) but I cannot say enough good things about Luca’s picks.. In the last 3 months using his picks (and parlaying some) I am up roughly 3000% (Disclaimer: I bet more than the amount of units suggested). So if you are on the fence about this I suggest you sign up! Well worth it!”

-J, United States

“I have been following Luca via twitter for about 2 months. I listened to his podcasts and saw that he posted some wins, but not only that, called many of the fights exactly how they happened.

I was going to UFC 207 in Vegas and wanted to enhance my entertainment. I decided to purchase a one event pass. The best investment I made. I made $1,500 off of his picks.

It was a great night. I look forward to continue to use his service as he is legit.

Continue that hard work, you da man!”

-Erik, United States

“Objective views, an encyclopedic knowledge of the sport along with a documented record of success has made Luca Fury a terrific resource for MMA gambling, if not the very best.  Not only are recommended bets provided but also explanations and break downs of each match up.  These break downs help newer fight fans and rookie gamblers build their own base of knowledge, which I can personally speak to the value of.”

-Tim, United States

“Not only is Luca Fury incredibly good at breaking down fights and betting them, he is completely honest too. All of his bets are tracked whether they win or lose and he never tries to scoot losses under the rug. So many other handicappers out there will try to hide their losses not mentioning them but when they win they are quick to boast about them. Luca is not like that at all, he is always upfront about every loss whether it’s just a single losing bet or a losing event. His honesty is one of the main things that made me confident in signing up since I knew he was trustworthy and wouldn’t lie to me down the road. When you sign up for his service you get superb breakdowns, extremely profitable bets and an honest hardworking man. It’s well worth the cheap price.”

-Andrew, United States

“Luca is fascinating source of information. The dude is on point when it comes to fighter analysis, fight breakdown and his betting history speaks for itself. Luca is the top MMA handicapper and longterm I have profited many times over my premium fee; it’s all about ROI. As I tell people on twitter, its not a sprint but a marathon. I can say I have always made my premium fee back in no time and made enough money to go and lose on other sports that Luca doesn’t cover.”

-Mike, United States

“I’ve only been with Luca a short time but I’m very satisfied with the detailed analysis and sound logic behind his premium plays. The market supports his plays as well, evidenced by betting lines consistently moving in the direction of his picks, and the results have been excellent.”

-Tony, United States

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