The 20 Biggest Upsets in MMA History
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Bobby Lashley vs Chad Griggs


Chad Griggs (+700) upsets Bobby Lashley (-1200)

Technical Knockout (retirement), Round 2

Strikeforce: Houston — 8/21/2010

Former WWE wrestling star Bobby Lashley entered MMA in a similar fashion to the then-UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesner. As such, he had similar expectations of fast track success from fans, even if they were unwarranted. Chad Griggs would deliver a wake up call.

Lashly did well earlier but it wasn’t long before his cardio began to fail him. By round two he was completely out of steam and became a living, (barely) breathing punching bag. Griggs began to take over and land some good blows but the round would expire and Bobby seemed to be saved by the bell. Then, he quit on the stool between rounds. The storyline afterwards was less about how shocking the upset was, and more about just how pathetic it was.

Opening line: +300 — Bookmaker

Peak line: +700 — Bookmaker

Closing line: +700 — Bookmaker

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