The 20 Biggest Upsets in MMA History
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Sergey Golyaev (+700) upsets Takanori Gomi (-1100)

Split Decision, Round 3

WVR Sengoku: Sixth Battle — 11/1/2008

Takanori Gomi was PRIDE’s king at 160 pounds pretty much since the promotions inception. He had a few stumbles here and there, but they were generally against experienced and/or high level fighters. That is, until his loss to the unknown Sergey Golyaev. At this point, PRIDE had already fallen, as had Gomi’s #1 world ranking. He was just looking for fights to stay busy without any real aspirations of reclaiming his position as the world’s best lightweight. Despite that, he was still fully expected to crush Golyaev.

Obviously that isn’t what happened and the competitive nature of the bout was extremely surprising itself. Then, when the judges awarded a controversial decision to his opponent, things took a turn for the surreal. Gomi didn’t completely fall from grace from grace until his next bout, though, where he was upset yet again. Although this time, by a much more known commodity in Satoru Kitaoka.

Opening line: +550 — Bookmaker

Peak line: +700 — 5Dimes

Closing line: +700 — 5Dimes

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