The 20 Biggest Upsets in MMA History
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Biggest upsets in MMA history. Biggest underdog wins. Biggest betting upsets. Brandon Halsey vs Rafael Carvalho. Bellator 144.


Ravael Carvalho (+700) upsets Brandon Halsey (-1100)

Technical Knockout (body kick), Round 2

Bellator 144: Halsey vs Carvalho — 10/24/2015

Brandon Halsey looked to be Bellator’s next dominant champion. After running through the promotions’ middleweight division, including quickly dispatching the then-dominant champion Alexander Shlemenko in just 35 seconds, it appeared Halsey was presented with a pushover in Ravaelo Carvalho. Although he had faced a low level of opposition, Carvalho struggled mightily against them despite notching an 11-1 career record. Thus, the eventual outcome seemed straight forward: Halsey would use his large advantages in size, strength, athleticism and wrestling to overpower his outmatched foe.

For the first six minutes, that is exactly what happened. Halsey was utterly dominant from top position in round one and nearly forced a stoppage via a deep arm-triangle choke. Carvalho somehow found a way to survive it, but was still unable to find any offense of his own. A lopsided first round went to Halsey by the somewhat rare margin of 10-8 and round two began in a similar fashion, with Brandon bullying the Brazilian against the fence. At this point the outcome seemed to be forgone conclusion. That is, until a brief separation allowed Carvalho to get a single body kick off and that was all he needed. While the strike seemed relatively weak and didn’t even land flush, Halsey went down in a heap from an apparent liver shot.

Surprisingly, replays showed that the kick actually missed it’s intended target of the midsection and instead the only contact was Rafael’s toes glancing off Halsey’s ribs. It made the upset all the more shocking. Never underestimate the puncher’s chance in MMA — or in this case, the kicker’s.

Opening line: +435 — 5Dimes

Peak line: +900 — 5Dimes

Closing line: +700 — 5Dimes

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