The 20 Biggest Upsets in MMA History
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Larue Burley (+925) upsets Bubba Jenkins (-1400)

Technical Knockout (punches), Round 3

Bellator 100: Lima vs Saunders — 9/20/2013

Bubba Jenkins entered MMA as a blue chip prospect and started his career off as well as you could hope. After a 4-0 start with four finishes, he continued his rise as he took on the unknown LaRue Burley. The intention was the keep developing Bubba by getting him cage time against relatively safe competition but things didn’t exactly go as planned. Jenkins did well early, even securing dominant position at times. But what ultimately failed him was his cardio and defense. Eventually he just didn’t have enough left in the tank to actively fight on and defense himself, and he was overwhelmed by an onslaught of punches. He’s since gotten back on track but I doubt we’ll ever see him as a 14-1 favorites again. At least not any time soon.

Opening line: +625 — 5Dimes

Peak line: +925 — 5Dimes

Closing line: +925 — 5Dimes

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