The 20 Biggest Upsets in MMA History
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Will Brooks vs Michael Chandler


Will Brooks (+800) upsets Michael Chandler (-1000)

Split Decision, Round 5

Bellator 120: Rampage vs King Mo — 5/17/2014

Former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler was originally supposed to face then-champ Eddie Alvarez in a trilogy match for the title. Alvarez pulled out due to a concussion only six days before the bout and “Ill” Will Brooks stepped in to take his spot. On paper, Brooks had almost no shot. So, accordingly, no one gave him any. Style-wise, there was not a single thing he did better than the former champ. But, as the saying goes, this is why they fight.

Brooks was mostly useless for the first couple of rounds until his opponent began to noticeably tire. Will soon began to take over and nearly finished Chandler en route to clearly winning rounds three and four of the interim title bout. The final, deciding round five was competitive until “Ill” was dropped and almost submitted in the final minute of action, which seemed to seal up a clear cut win for Michael. The best case scenario for Brooks was a draw thanks to an unlikely — but deserved — 10-8 score for him in round three from the judges.

However, the judges inexplicably rendered a split-decision that gave him the win. Two of them gave him round five — where he was nearly knocked out and almost submitted. While the fight was competitive overall, this was widely considering a “robbery” decision because there is just no possible way to argue Brooks won based on round-by-round scoring. But alas, that’s MMA judging for you.

Opening line: +435 — 5Dimes

Peak line: +900 — 5Dimes

Closing line: +800 — 5Dimes

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