The 20 Biggest Upsets in MMA History
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Johnny Eduardo (+735) upsets Eddie Wineland (-935)

Knockout (punches), Round 1

UFC Fight Night 40: Brown vs Silva — 5/10/2014

Eddie Wineland was a perennial top five fighter in the bantamweight division and, like so many men on this list, was given an easy opponent to make a highlight reel out of. Johnny Eduardo’s biggest win by far at this point was a decision over a highly washed up Jeff Curran. In addition, the Brazilian hadn’t fought in two years and was no spring chicken given his 35 years of age.

This had all the makings for a great showing from Wineland. However, it was anything but. The former UFC title contender had trouble finding his rhythm right out of the gate. His punches seemed to lack intent and were coming up short, distance-wise. Soon, out of nowhere, Eduardo landed a massive right hook that made his opponent do the “stanky leg”. He followed up with another and the the coffin nails were fully in place. Wineland was out cold in the first round in a true shocker.

Opening line: +305 — 5Dimes

Peak line: +735 — 5Dimes

Closing line: +735 — 5Dimes

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