The 20 Biggest Upsets in MMA History
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saenz vs alcantara


Frankie Saenz (+725) upsets Iuri Alcantara (-1000)

Unanimous Decision, Round 3

UFC Fight Night 61 — 2/22/2015

Frankie Saenz already had one UFC victory under his belt but he remained relatively unknown to most fans. Alcantara, meanwhile, was a promotional veteran on his way up the title ladder. Fighting in front of a home crowd in Brazil, you’d think Iuri’s performance would be inspired, but it was anything but.

From the opening bell he looked flat and disinterested, as if he wanted to be anywhere than in the cage. That seemed to only grow worse as the fight went on and Saenz outworked him in all aspects of the fight. Ultimately Frankie walked away with a clear cut unanimous decision verdict that even the historically biased judges in Brazil couldn’t botch.

Opening line: +225 — 5Dimes

Peak line: +725 — 5Dimes

Closing line: +725 — 5Dimes

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