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Best Sportsbook for Betting on MMA – Betting Strategy Guide

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Best betting sites for MMA and other sports according to pro sports bettor Luca Fury.

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Best Betting Sites and Online Sportsbooks for MMA

This is entry in a long list of betting strategy guides found here on Fury’s Fight Picks. Whether you’re about to take the plunge into the sports betting world for the first time, or are looking for tips to gain an edge, these guides provide expert advice that will help improve your result. You can find all entries in this series here.

What are the best betting sites for betting on MMA? This is probably the most common question I get, for obvious reasons. So, I figure what better topic for my next installment of my strategy tips, tricks and advice.

First, I should point out that truly I recommend using a combination of sportsbooks so you get the best of all worlds. On the final page of this article, I mention some specific books that I feel make up a good combination to grant a well-rounded feature set. However, most non-professional bettors find it to be too much trouble to manage multiple books and thus prefer to use only one. For those bettors, which make up the vast majority of the gambling community, you’ll find this article very helpful.

My number one recommended sportsbook is, and always has been, Bookmaker.eu. As for why, that’s based mostly on objective facts and partially on subjective personal preferences. There are eight points — both positive and negative, ranging from their business practices to their betting options — which I’ll cover in depth on the following four pages, separated by category.

Also, I want to make it clear that unlike some other betting websites out there, I have no partnerships, sponsorships or endorsements with any sportsbooks in any way, shape or form. I intentionally avoid those types of things due to the inherent conflict of interest they present. So, anything I say regarding sportsbooks is said with no bias or ulterior motives.

With that primer aside, let’s go in-depth on why Bookmaker.eu is the number one sportsbook for betting on MMA…

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