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Premium Access Required

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In the instance that you are a logged in and active Premium member, but are still being redirected to this page, there are a few troubleshooting options that you can try. Our site uses an advanced browser cache setup which sometimes encounters a problem with certain browsers.

Usually only one of the follow steps is required to solve the problem. They are listed in order of easiest to hardest. So try the steps

in order, one by one, and check if the page is working properly after trying each one.


  • Option 1: Click the following direct link

Often times it’s a redirect issue and  simply clicking a direct link to the page fixes it. Here is that link.


  • Option 3: Log out of your account, then log back in

It seems almost too easy, but often times the fix as simple as that.


  • Option 3: Clear your web browser’s cache

If Option 1 fails, this usually succeeds. If you’re unsure how to perform this, it’s simple, but differs depending on your browser. Do a quick Google search for how to do it on your specific browser.


  • Option 4: Try a different web browser

Sometimes your browser’s settings are the issue, so trying a different browser can fix the issue. Preferably a desktop browser, as mobile browsers (such as the iPhone’s) tend to be the most troublesome due to their finicky cache setups. If you’re already using a desktop browser, try switching to a different one.


  • Option 4: Email us

In very rare instances the above steps still don’t fix the issue. In that case, [email protected] Be sure to include your FFP username so I can look at your account to fix it. I’m able to solve the problem 100% of the time, but sometimes there is a delay before I see your email, so please try the above steps first for the quickest potential fix.


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