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About Fury's Fight Picks Premium.

All about the Fury's Fight Picks Premium MMA betting service.

So you’re interested in signing up for a Fury’s Fight Picks Premium membership but want to know how the service works. Well you’re in luck, this article has you covered. Read on for the most frequently asked questions about the service. There are two sections: the first is regarding the actual bets posted via the service while the second section discusses specifics of the service itself.


Premium Bet FAQ’s


  • What kind of money management does the service recommend?

I stick to a strict unit system that I developed long ago. I used a 1-5 unit scale with 1 unit equaling 1% of your bankroll. 5 units is an extremely rare “max bet” and I won’t recommend betting more than that for an individual play. Betting a small percentage of your bankroll is extremely important for longterm viability. This assures that even when variance (luck) goes against you, even if for an extended period of time, it won’t break the bank.


  • What kind of bets are given out in the service?

I currently only post straight bets (also known as “singles”). I don’t post parlays, round robins or any exotic bet types. Straight bets are almost always moneylines (betting one fighter to win) or totals (betting a fight to go over or under a certain length). On rare occasion I will post a bet on a prop (a fighter to win by an exact method, such as submission).


  • What is the format for posted bets?

Here’s an example of a bet, exactly how it appears on the premium bet page for members:

Bet 3.00 units to win 4.50 units at +150 odds

Yoel Romero

Bet posted on 11/5 at 5:05pm


  • How many bets are given out per event/week?

On average I have 4 bets per week but that number varies a lot. Usually it’s between 2 and 6 but sometimes it’s as few as 1 or as many as 10 or more.


  • Where can I bet your plays?

I only post bets that are widely available at the major books. Meaning everyone can bet them, regardless of what country you’re in. However, I do recommend certain sportsbooks as some are better than others. I wrote an in-depth article on which sportsbooks to use.


  • What sportsbook do you use for the odds?

Like above, I only cite odds from major books. Unlike other pick sites, I won’t use odds from some random, obscure sportsbook that no one actually uses. Odds for bets I post can always be verified at odds tracking websites, such as this one.


  • Is there an alert system to notify me when bets are posted?

Yes, an email is sent out to alert all members roughly an hour before I post a bet, giving the exact time that the next bet(s) will be posted so members can be ready to check the page at that time. Please note that Hotmail’s strict filters sometimes block emails from my site, so it’s best to put an email address from a different provider on your account page to ensure you receive all bet alert emails. Also, regardless of which email provider you use, make sure to check your spam folder in case my site’s emails get sent there. If they do appear there, make sure to mark the emails as “not spam” so they appear in your inbox going forward.


  • Do the odds move after you post a bet?

Yes, which is both a gift and a curse. On the bright side, consistently beating the line movement is a telltale sign of a longterm winning bettor and I beat the line movement on just about every single bet. On the downside, that means if wait to long to place a bet I recommend, you will get worse odds. This is why it’s important to be signed up for a membership before I post any bets for the next event. That way as soon as I post a bet, you can bet it yourself before the line eventually gets worse.



Premium Service FAQ’s


  • How much do I need to bet to profit after the membership cost?

The exact number changes slightly each week and can be found near the bottom of this page. It’s always between $15 and $30 per unit. Meaning if you bet at least that amount, you will make back the membership cost and profit on top of it. So the the service is not solely for high rollers and instead is very affordable even for small bettors. Please note that the number is based on the Diamond membership package and will be different for other memberships due to the varied pricing.


  • Do you offer any kind of a winning guarantee or insurance?

All packages of one month or longer have insurance included at no extra cost. Meaning if the bets provided do not turn a profit, you get another package of equal value for free. For example, if you sign up for a 1 month package and the provided bets lose -2 units, you get another 1 month package absolutely free.


  • How do I redeem my free service as a result of the insurance?

Simply email me ([email protected]) with your FFP username and I will adjust your account so your next subscription renewal goes through for free. No account tweaks or cancelations are required from you.


  • What kind of betting records do you have?

I’ve tracked my bets in a highly detailed manny since the start of 2013. You can view my fully documented betting record, including a list of every past bet and a ton of stats, here on the site. Also, since the start of 2016, all of my bets have been third-party tracked and verified by the number one MMA bet tracking website, BetMMA. My results have been better than ever since being tracked and verified by them and you can view my record on that site here.


  • Do you have any customers reviews?

Yes, I have an article listing dozens real reviews from real FFP Premium customers from around the globe. If you’re an FFP Premium member and would like to submit one, just email it to [email protected]


  • Can I cancel a subscription at any time?

Yes, any subscription can be canceled at any time. You will still get the full period that you signed up for, regardless of how far in advance that you cancel it, but the subscription will not renew when it expires. This can be done by going to your account page and hitting the “cancel” button next to the listed subscription.


  • What happens if I sign up for a subscription and the price later goes up?

As long as your subscriptions is active, you’ll be locked into whatever price you signed up for, unless the price goes down. But if the price raises, it won’t affect your subscriptions, you’ll still get the same low price you signed up for. That’s one of the benefits of staying an active subscriber.


  • What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently the store accepts PayPal as well as standard debit/credit cards for all order. Bitcoin is also accepted, but only for orders under $150. All options are handled through secure third-party servers and offer industry leading customer safety tools. PayPal payments are handled through PayPal and require a PayPal account. Debit/credit card and Bitcoin payments are handled through Stripe and don’t require any account — all you have to do is enter your card or Bitcoin information through their secure payment gateway.


  • What will the charge look like on my bank statement?

It differs slightly depending on which payment form you use to sign up and which bank you use, but it should be “FFP” with the location being “Minnesota”. If you sign up with PayPal, it may say “PayPal” on the stament as well.


  • Do you have any discounts available?

Yes, they are built into the various subscription packages. The longer the membership, the more savings it offers. For example, it’s cheaper to buy one package of three months than it is to buy three separate packages of one month.



Other FAQ’s


  • Is betting your only job?

Yes, I don’t have any other job besides betting and sharing my bets through my website. I used to work for Sherdog.com before I quit to bet as a full time professional. After doing that for a while, I realized there was a demand and a market for sharing my bets through a website, so I created Fury’s Fight Picks.


  • How much do you bet on your plays? 

It depends on a few factors including the unit amount for a given bet and what the precise size of my bankroll is at the time, but currently I bet $10,000 to $15,000 per bet. Just in case you doubt that number, I often post proof in the form of screenshots of my bets slips on social media. Here’s a recent one for example:


Have any more questions? Email them to me at [email protected] and I will answer them all.

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