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About Fury’s Fight Picks Premium: Info, FAQs

About Fury's Fight Picks Premium.

All about the Fury's Fight Picks Premium MMA betting service.

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Everything you need to know about Fury’s Fight Picks Premium, the number one MMA betting service in the world, can be found here. In addition to an outline of the service on page one, there is a frequently asked questions section on page two.

What’s Included

  • Premium bets from the man with the best documented MMA betting record, Luca Fury
  • Insurance on packages of 1 month or longer (more info on this below)


Why You Should Sign Up


  • Lowest Prices, Best Results

Considering Luca Fury has the best documented MMA betting track record, it would only make sense for him to charge the most of any MMA betting service. But he doesn’t charge the most — in fact, his prices are some of the lowest. The membership price is so low that pretty much anyone, no matter how small their bankroll is, can join in on the consistent winning. Anyone betting at least $20 will profit nicely on the services, even after the membership cost. The exact minimum bet amount is even lower and is updated weekly on my track record page.


  • Bets Provided by a True Professional

Betting on MMA is Luca Fury’s full time, this isn’t some hobby. You don’t get results like his by simply looking over an event and making a few uneducated picks. Fury puts in hours of research for every fight on every card in order to get his elite profit margins. He’s been sharing his MMA bets publicly since 2011 has been winning the whole way. He has become the go-to man for MMA betting advice and picks, and has been featured on several of the largest MMA website, in addition to forming business partnerships with large scale sports companies like DraftKings and Sherdog. Luca shared his expertise on a variety of websites and services before creating FurysFightPicks.com. Now the thousands of people seeking his advice have a one stop shop for all of his content, including free and premium picks.


  • Winning Track Record

Consistently sporting a betting win percentage around 60% and a return on investment in the 20% range, Luca Fury has the best documented MMA betting track record as mentioned above. Most professional bettors aim for a 55% win ratio with an ROI 5%, but Fury has been blowing those goals out of the water for years. Sadly, the pick-selling industry (also known as the “tout” business) is filled with frauds who don’t track their bets because they lose longterm. These conmen of course don’t track their long term records since they’d be exposed if they did,  and that’s what sets Luca Fury apart from them. Luca is proud to keep a fully documented record of all his past bets — including the bet size and odds — because he is a long term winner with nothing to hide and a lot to show off.


  • Documentation

Continuing what was just outlined above, all bets are tracked are documented here on the site. Full transparency is extremely rare in the pick-selling industry and that is one of the things that sets Fury’s Fight Picks apart from the competition. Whether it’s a winning event or a rare loss, every single bet will be tracked. In order to maintain the most truthful track records, the line that is used in our documentation is whatever line is being offered at the largest sportsbook in the world, Bookmaker.eu, at the time plays are handed out. You can find the full documented track record, including a list of every individual bet, by clicking here.


  • Customer Service

Have a question about a certain fight? No problem. Have a question about betting strategy? It will be answered. By becoming a Fury’s Fight Picks Premium member, you’re not just signing up to receive the best MMA bets around, you’re also signing up for full customer service with Luca Fury himself. Simply shoot Fury an email and any question will be answered in a timely manner.


  • Guaranteed Profit

Losing months have been scarce in the several years that Luca Fury has been sharing his bets, but on the rare occasion that happens, FurysFightPicks.com offers some insurance. If you buy a 1 month or longer package and the Premium bets given in that span don’t yield profit, you get another package of equal value for free. Does every bet win? Of course not. Does every MMA event result in a winning night? Obviously not. To make such claims would be insanity. However, what can be promised is longterm profit and Fury’s track record proves he’s more than lived up to that guarantee.


Still not sure if you’re ready to sign up? If so, look at our “Frequently Asked Questions” on page 2. Or if you’re ready to start winning and become a Fury’s Fight Picks Premium member, click here to return to the purchase page.

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